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What makes Cactus the best choice?

Every brand out there tells its customers and prospective customers that it's the best thing since sliced bread. We've always been happy to sit back and let the legion of satisfied users who chose Cactus product sing our praises - so while normally quite modest about what we do, here's some reasons why we believe purchasing a Cactus product is a wise choice:

We've been doing this for twenty years now, but despite this pedigree, we're still a young company run by people who spend most of their spare time in the outdoors in various different pursuits. We have an innate understanding of what works, and more importantly what doesn't, and that understanding is shown in our products - high quality items that have been handcrafted in Aotearoa New Zealand to include all the features that are important, nothing superfluous and, above all, that are more durable than anything out there in the marketplace.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand

We make stuff in our own and independently owned factories here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Why is this a good thing?


At the heart of everything we do is fabric....


We are a VERY small company. But yes we are big enough to employ a few people and we like to think we treat them with respect.

Design Principles

Occams razor - if it's simpler then it's probably better and function should lead form. It's all been said before but not many people seem to remember this on a daily basis. We have it tattooed into the eyelids of every staff member (not really).

Ethical Construction

Our 'Ethical Construction' principles are something we've been working on ever since we started the outdoor clothing company. It is our pattern language for making things strong, simple and appropriate to the task.

Our aim is to design and build durable, useful products. We do this by utilising quality fabrics and components, and design sensibilities gained in over a decade of experience of their properties.

  • Internally bound seams for water resistance, added strength, and reduced wear on the seams
  • Reinforcing at high wear areas
  • High density webbing reduces buckle slippage
  • Fabrics selected for specific uses
  • YKK zips - still the best
  • Nylon duraflex buckles - light, strong, and durable
  • 1000 denier external edge binding - for strength and abrasion resistance
  • Quality woven labels
  • Reinforced eyelet construction to help stop eyelet failure
  • Double layer bases and reinforcing at the bottom of the harness on our bigger packs

And these are just the things we can mention...


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Made in New Zealand

We make stuff in our own and independently owned factories here in Aotearoa New Zealand.