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Why a Cactus pack?

When you buy a Cactus pack you buy into a long heritage of New Zealand design and manufacturing. The extreme demands of our unique environment and the requirements of the serious outdoors people using our gear have created a distinctively New Zealand style but more importantly, a requirement for dependability, durability and minimalistic functionality.

Every Cactus pack is constructed in our workshop here in Christchurch by experienced, skilled machinists using heavy duty equipment. We’ve got big sewing machines driving big needles which allow us to use high quality, heavier duty threads and fabrics. All this adds up to products that cost significantly more to manufacture but will more dependable and outlast nearly anything else available. This is a different set of priorities to anywhere else in the world.

All of this is what defines Cactus product design, development and production – not the latest fashionable colours or manufacturing low cost product to meet a certain price point. And our approach is what we believe ultimately makes for very satisfied and loyal Cactus customers.

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